Carnoustie Baptist Church SCIO SC052388 is a church in Carnoustie, planted from and still in partnership with Central Baptist Church in Dundee, and a member church of the Baptist Union of Scotland. The first service was held in March 2011 at the Carnoustie Golf Hotel, and we now meet at 101-103 High Street, opposite the War Memorial. The following statement gives a summary of some of our core beliefs:
‘We hold to the historic truths of the Christian faith believing in one God in three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That the Bible is the inspired word of God. We also believe that Jesus Christ is the only hope for a broken world and that through his atoning and substitutionary death on the cross he opened up the possibility of forgiveness and relationship with God through faith in Him alone.’
We meet every Sunday at 11am, and everyone, including families, is welcome to come along.
After every service tea and coffee are served, which is one way the congregation can get to know one another,
Some of the other things going on in the church include the Knit & Natter group, Bible Study, Toddlers, Messy Church and Holiday Clubs

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  • Pastor: John Toller (pastor@carnoustiebaptistchurch.org; 07793 889530)
  • Deacons: Iain Kelman, Marta Mitchell, David Mitchell, Dorothy Bruce
  • Sunday School team: Marta Mitchell, Moira McDonald, Gemma Toller
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